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Automate your paperwork. Save time. Reduce risk.

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Free yourself from administrative overload


Contracts, form-filling and compliance checks are a necessary part of doing business. However, they're often manual, susceptible to mistakes and slow you down - opportunities are lost and valuable team members are deployed on boring, repetitive tasks.


Even worse, getting things wrong can expose you to risks, fines and reputational harm.


That's where Plainly comes in.


Everything you need in one platform

Process automation

Automate your manual processes


Do paperwork incredibly fast while eliminating mistakes and duplication.

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Guide non-expert users through complicated workflows


Help people to help themselves, saving everyone time and cost.

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Document automation

Digitise your documents


Create beautifully designed documents in seconds. Effortlessly sync branding and version control.

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Secure e-signatures in seconds


No more waiting for signatures. Securely sign documents with a permanent record in a couple of clicks.

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Store your documentation securely in one location


Easily find your key documents whenever you need them.

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Analyse the information that matters


Create meaningful reports in minutes from our straightforward reporting suite.

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Control permissions throughout your enterprise


Manage access across your business based upon precise permission levels.

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Instantly create detailed audit trails


A complete view with one click. Create instant audit trails to meet the requirements of regulators, customers and internal compliance.

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Our customers say

We love Plainly because it gives us full control and oversight while allowing our teams to safely create any documents they need.


Will Leeming

Founder at Arbolus


When to use Plainly


You should consider Plainly whenever you've got routine paperwork. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Making a sale


Don't let paperwork slow you down! Plainly helps you keep momentum in your sales and close deals faster while not compromising your legal protection.


Employing someone


Comply with complicated employment law while delivering slick on-boarding experiences for your new employees.


Buying something


Create clever procurement workflows so that the right people sign off on purchases and you can always track what's going on.


Hiring a freelancer


Make it easy and quick to get outside help on something while protecting your IP and complying with the law.


Doing company admin


Reduce routine company secretarial tasks down to minutes or even seconds.

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