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Hands-on help from scoping to implementation, training and beyond. Cancel at any time. All work product is yours to keep.

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Sound like you?


There are never enough hours in the day.


Legal is seen as a cost centre in my business.


My turn-around times are never fast enough.


I know tech would be useful but there are too many choices.


I would love to improve efficiency but I'm too busy fighting fires.


I wasn't trained in tech - it's way outside my comfort zone.


We get it…


We’ve been there - Plainly was founded by a former General Counsel with similar problems. As such, we know:


The day-to-day always gets in the way

In-house teams are usually so busy that it's really hard to find time to work on being less busy/more efficient. #irony

The range of tech solutions is bewildering

There has been a huge growth in law tech vendors, all offering different solutions. It can be hard to know where to start.

Introducing new tech is never easy

Despite what other vendors may say, introducing any new system takes time, knowledge and specific expertise. If you're lucky, you already have that in-house. Most GCs don’t.
Let's have a chatHow we help

How we help


Consultation before implementation


There's no point implementing technology until you know the problems that need solving. We'll scope out how you already work, build process maps and propose solutions before selling you any tech.


Hands-on practical advice


We've been in your shoes, but also successfully implemented technology for other in-house teams. We can tell you what works, what doesn't and common pitfalls to avoid.


No commitment


Walk away at any point. Any process maps, recommendations and other work product are yours to keep.


Simple legals


Simple 1-page T&Cs to get started. The last thing you need is more paperwork!


Our process


Here's how we ideally work with you, but all steps are optional.




Understanding how you work, your challenges and your current processes.


You need clarity about which problems need solving before considering any tech solutions.


Interview notes, process flows and detailed recommendations

Typical timeline

1 month



Building & testing


Building automated workflows and templates in Plainly and testing them with you.


Most in-house teams are so busy with the day-to-day, it's easier & quicker for us to do the initial setup for you.


Automated workflows and templates

Typical timeline

2-3 weeks



Training & rollout


Ensuring all users understand how to use Plainly.


To ensure the smoothest adoption, it's important that everyone is comfortable with the new system.


Manuals and in-person training tailored to your processes

Typical timeline

1-2 weeks



Reporting & iteration


Reporting on platform activity and key metrics.


Digitising your processes allows you to identify and improve any weak points in your processes.


Reports and dashboards

Typical timeline


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Our customers say

We love Plainly because it gives us full control and oversight while allowing our teams to safely create any documents they need.


Will Leeming

Founder, Arbolus

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