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Use our powerful employee onboarding solution to fill vacancies incredibly fast, while ensuring full legal compliance.


Let's make your recruiting easier


Plainly's automated employee onboarding solution dramatically improves time-to-hire, helping you fill vacancies faster, drive down temporary staff costs and out-recruit the competition. Here's how.


Automate everything


Digitise your end-to-end recruitment process. Instantly create version-controlled documents, forms and emails. Stop waiting for staff-members to action things when these can happen automatically.


Monitor and support local teams


Centrally track and oversee the progress of all candidates being recruited throughout your organisation. If needed, remotely support your local staff to ensure everything happens as quickly as possible.


Boost candidate engagement


Build branded onboarding experiences for your candidates. Set expectations immediately and guide them through the actions they need to take in a timely and straightforward way.


Super-fast, secure e-signatures


Have contracts, certifications and forms signed electronically so they come back in minutes. No more waiting for the post!


Seamless integration


Seamlessly integrate Plainly with your HR/payroll/training/rostering systems if you have them (if not, we can help with these too). Say goodbye to duplication, manual data entry and human error.


Get actionable data


Generate powerful business insights from your recruiting and onboarding data. For example, do site-by-site or role-by-role analysis to identify bottlenecks and any pain points.

Case study

Read how Orchard Care Homes cut time-to-hire from weeks to days by empowering homes to manage their own recruiting while improving central reporting and oversight.

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What are you waiting for?

It takes about 8 seconds to prepare and send an Offer Pack to a candidate.
On average, candidates will sign and return their employment contract within 1 day.
Building, testing and rolling out a 100% bespoke system should take about 3 weeks (including training across multiple sites).
Our customers say

Plainly has completely revolutionised our recruiting - it has reduced time-to-hire, improved candidate experience and even saved us cost.


Rebecca Dobson

Director of People & Talent, Orchard Care Homes


Hire faster, safer


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