Solution: Visitor Books

Effortlessly welcome your visitors


Welcome visitors with our GDPR-compliant, paperless check-in system. Safeguard staff and visitors alike. Know who's in your workplace and why.


Be friendly but safe


Paper-based signing-in processes are often cumbersome, difficult to control and audit and ultimately create a bad visitor experience. Paperwork gets lost, hand-written visitor logs can be hard to read and at busy times signing in can lead to long wait times and congestion at the reception desk


That's where Plainly's digital Visitor Book solution comes in.


Fast and efficient


Digitally check clients, candidates, contractors and other visitors in and out of your workplace. They can use their own device (via a QR code) or one supplied by you.


Comply with evolving legislation


Build your own fully-bespoke workflows to collect visitors' details and any other necessary information/documentation in a manner that suits you.


Ace compliance audits


With all documentation stored electronically, it's easy to satisfy any compliance audits - you can output detailed visitor audit trails in a few clicks.


Integrate with your other systems


Our flexible API lets you automatically get visitor/staff/client/candidate data from or send it to your other systems. Ensure there's no duplication of effort or manual data entry.

Reporting & analytics

Get actionable data


Generate business insights from your visitor data: understand, for example, who is visiting your sites, why and for how long.


Boost your brand


Make a great first impression for visiting clients, candidates and other stakeholders.

Internal staff

Monitor internal staff visits


Record visits from field staff such as in-house maintenance teams. Monitor duration and reasons for each visit.

See it in action


Try our sample visitor check-in process for a COVID-compliant care home. You can easily customise it to meet your needs.


Key features


Everything you need to welcome visitors.


Customisable workflows

Use Plainly's powerful no-code interface to create the visitor sign-in process and documentation that precisely matches your needs.


Never drop the ball by ensuring that all visitors follow the same processes all the time.

Visitor documentation

Get documentation from visitors before they enter your premises. Everything is securely stored in one place and easily accessible for audit.

Photo capture

Allow visitors to photo their documentation directly from their device at time of check-in.


Easily collect electronic signatures from visitors on declarations and consents.

Reporting suite

Get insight into visitor volume, the types of people visiting your sites and more. Build dashboards to monitor metrics. Export data in a few clicks.



Simple and transparent. Choose the package that's right for you.


Software only

We deliver the software. You supply the devices.


per site p/m

Hardware and software

We deliver the software and supply any devices/stands you need.

From £400

(Plus monthly software charge)

Effortlessly welcome your visitors


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