Managed services


We’ll help you get started, or hold your hand all the way.

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No time? Want help?


We get it - if you had time to implement a new time saving system, you probably wouldn’t need a new system.


Our managed services team can help you get started, customise Plainly to meet your precise requirements, and provide continued support as you discover new ways to get paperwork done.


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What we can do for you


From one off tactical support to a fully managed service, talk to sales or take a look at the menu below to see how we can deliver the right managed service for you. Choose one, some or all - our managed services flex to your needs.

Process automation

Your usual processes transformed into automated workflows


We work with your teams to understand their processes and then build bespoke workflows to automate/streamline them.

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Document automation

Your standard documents templated and automated


We take your standard documents and turn them into Plainly templates to give your teams beautifully designed documents in seconds.

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API integration

Your systems aligned and integrated


We can help you maximise the benefits of Plainly by seamlessly integrating it with your existing systems, via our API.

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Your teams fully committed and equipped for success


To maximise your success, we'll run remote, in-person training for your teams and ensure they're up and running from day one.

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Illustrative pricing*


Choose to work with us either on a time-spent basis (£150 per hour) or a fixed quote.

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# days
Est. cost

Low complexity

Fewer than 10 steps and 2 document templates.

Medium complexity

Up to 30 steps and 5 document templates.

High complexity

Up to 60 steps and 10 document templates.


More than 60 steps or 10 document templates.
* Pricing relates to process and template-building services only. A day is 8 hours.