How do you spend time?


Use our simple time tracker for teams to find out.

Plainly's time tracker lets teams easily track, visualise and analyse how everyone is spending their time. It's a powerful step towards improving your team's efficiency - and it's included free with a Team, Team+ or Business+ plan.
Here's how to use it:

1. Invite your team


To get the most out of the exercise, everyone in your team should track their time. That way you can analyse what each person is doing and compare across your team.

This is very easy to do! Simply invite everyone in your team to join you on Plainly (for free) and ensure they're set up as an 'Adviser'. Then they're ready to start tracking their time.


2. Plan


Agree as team which activities you're going to record and on which days and commit to doing so throughout the day. The results are easier to analyse if everyone records their time on the same day and does a whole day.


3. Start recording your time


We've made it super-easy to record how you're spending your time! We've given you eight timers so your team can divide their function into eight separate areas. Just keep a browser window open and, each time you change tasks, click on the appropriate timer. This automatically stops your old timer and starts the new one.

Each day, all timers reset to zero.


4. Adjust timers manually


What happens if you forget to start a timer or leave one running accidentally? No problem! You can change any timer manually to ensure they accurately reflect how you're spending your time each day.


5. Analyse your results


Once you've finished recording, it's now time to analyse your results. You can slice and dice your data however you want, comparing days with other days, individuals with other individuals, individuals with the team as a whole, and everything in between.

We can work with you on this and suggest ways to improve. We also know some great operations consultants so, if helpful, can introduce them to you.

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