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Boost your team's productivity


Stop being the bottleneck - give your business what it needs as soon as it needs it. Let your team spend time on things that add more value.


Hands-on help throughout


We help you with all scoping, implementation, training and beyond. Cancel at any time. All work product is yours to keep.


Secure, compliant & reliable


Plainly complies fully with UK, US and EU e-signature laws, offers industry-leading security and guarantees 99.5% uptime.


We love Plainly because it gives us full control and oversight while allowing our teams to safely create any documents they need.


Will Leeming

Founder, Arbolus




How many documents can I sign with a Plainly account?


You can sign unlimited documents and store them all securely on Plainly to make sure you have a permanent record.


Are documents signed through Plainly legally binding?


Yes, our system fully complies with US, UK and EU esignature laws so documents signed through Plainly are as valid as a physical signature. Plus we adhere to the strictest security to keep data and identification information secure. Find out more here.


What’s the advantage of account based rather than user based pricing?


In any business, you'll have people who need to send documents for signing regularly and occasional users who don't. With individual user licences, you end up paying the same for everyone - regardless of how often they need to use the service but, with Plainly, you don't - you can simply add any people you need to get the task done, without the worry of extra user licence fees.


What if I no longer want to use Plainly?


With Plainly you're not tied into any long-term contracts - you can cancel at any time. To stop using Plainly, please contact your dedicated account manager or email and we'll cancel your subscription straight away.

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