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What you get

Power and flexibility at your fingertips


The Plainly platform is built on four pillars - automated workflows, automated documentation, secure e-signatures and document management.


Each is incredibly easy to use and frees you from the burden and cost of manual paperwork, eliminates manual mistakes and empowers your teams to handle their admin reliably and fast.

Workflows Tasks

Automated, simple, powerful


Create simple, step-by-step workflows that guide your teams every step of the way. Copy our off-the-shelf workflows or create something bespoke based on your own governance and processes.

Complicated processes are made simple - anyone can follow them.
You save significant time and cost as processes are streamlined.
A step by step approach ensures nothing is missed.
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Templates Documents

Beautiful automated documents


Deploy sophisticated, well designed documents in seconds using our template engine. Copy ready-made templates or easily add your own standard documents - mistake free and ready for secure e-signing in just a few clicks.

Problems like document version control are solved in an instant.
Produce and deliver documents to the right person in seconds.
Ensure consistency of look and branding throughout your organisation.
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Simple, legally-binding


Sign legally binding documents in a couple of clicks and get a record you can keep forever. Our system fully complies with UK and EU e-signature laws. No more scanning or waiting for signed documents to be returned.

Legally binding documents are signed in an instant.
Documents are digitally locked and kept securely forever.
Save time and cost involved in waiting for physical documents to be signed.
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Document management

Secure and easy to manage


Create, sign and store all your documents in one place and manage everything through a modern, mobile-compatible interface. It's fast, easy and secure.

Transform your record keeping with easy to find documentation.
Save significant time with instant audit trails at the click of a button.
Increase oversight and compliance with secure permission controlled access to all documents.
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Seamlessly integrate with tools you already use.


Push final/signed documents to your Dropbox automatically.


Build incredibly powerful integrations by plugging into Zapier's infrastructure.


Automatically push final/signed documents to your Box account.


Pull new applications into Plainly so you can easily process them.


Automatically save Plainly documents in your Google Drive.


Start new tasks on Plainly straight from Salesforce. Signing up customers has never been easier.


Back up your Plainly documents to your One Drive account.


And many, many more…

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