Plainly for the care sector

Less time on paperwork. More time for care.


Why Plainly


The complexity of managing a multi-site business can be challenging. Maintaining central oversight of processes, costs and standards while giving local managers the freedom to run things their way is a delicate balance.


Add in staff shortages, mandatory compliance checks, CQC inspections and sensitively handling admissions and it is clear that the care sector comes with a unique admin burden.


That’s where Plainly comes in.


Super-charge your care services


With simple implementation and ongoing support, our easy to use platform lets care providers simplify their huge admin burden; saving significant time and costs while also reducing risk.


Local knowledge, central oversight

Empower your care home staff to complete paperwork easily and securely, while you retain complete control and oversight.

No coding necessary

Build highly bespoke applications without major IT costs. Be up and running in days, not months or years.

Flexible, scalable pricing

Pay for usage, not for users. Grant access to anyone who needs it - you don't pay more.
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Read how Orchard Care Homes cut time-to-hire from weeks to days by empowering homes to manage their own recruiting while improving central reporting and oversight.

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Care sector challenges

Solving your specific problems

Mandatory Covid Vaccinations

From reissuing employment contracts and updating policies and procedures to recording compliance, the new vaccine legislation for care home staff brings a significant administrative burden.

Solved by Plainly

Contract acceptance is automatically tracked and relevant records stored securely, minimising disruption to your staff and ensuring your care homes are compliant.


Contracts are bulk uploaded to the Plainly platform and emailed to individual employees with a simple workflow that walks them through the process for adding vaccine information.


Acceptance of contracts by e-signature ensures speed and ease of compliance.


Auto alerts let HR or admin teams keep track of who is yet to sign, allowing manual or automated follow up prompts.


Securely stored contracts and compliance evidence is available at the click of a button.

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Time consuming recruitment with many mandatory manual steps, leaves critical gaps or costly interim staff filling roles.

Solved by Plainly

Your new employee has a welcome onboarding experience and you keep control of the time, cost and all essential documentation related to hiring someone.


Bespoke care sector recruitment workflows instantly keep track of every step in the hiring process.


Automated contracts and secure e-signatures turn around key documents in seconds.


Integration with major recruitment websites provides easy views and shortlisting of CVs all in one place.


Secure but accessible online document management tools keep a permanent record of essential paperwork.

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Admissions are a fraught and emotional time for residents and their families with a huge burden of paperwork and that can overwhelm.

Solved by Plainly

You engage professionally with third parties, provide reassurance at every step for residents and maintain oversight and control throughout the process.


Admissions workflows, designed for care homes, smooth the experience for residents and their families and keep track of all essential steps.


Templated documentation and instant secure e-signatures streamline admissions; while online document management maintains an easily accessible record of all essential paperwork.

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CQC inspections

Collating and organising manual documentation from different sources for a CQC inspection is onerous and risks mistakes.

Solved by Plainly

Best practice in compliance and administration becomes an everyday part of your culture, costs are saved, risks are reduced.


Easy to follow standardised processes and templated business documents available within the Plainly platform makes compliance straightforward.


Secure automated record keeping and audit trails at the click of a button, significantly reduces the admin burden of preparing for an inspection.

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From losing timely visibility about what is being purchased to risking onerous supplier terms in the rush to acquire essential items; managing procurement across a multi-site business is complex and costly.

Solved by Plainly

Procurement costs and admin are reduced while you increase compliance and control across the business.


Limits and approvals set with the click of a button maintain a full audit trail and agreed terms on purchases large and small.


Step by step procurement workflows allow the business to easily self-serve up to pre-approved limits.


Automated documentation and lightning fast secure e-signatures speed up the process without compromising oversight.

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Our customers say

Plainly has completely revolutionised our recruiting - it has reduced time-to-hire, improved candidate experience and even saved us cost.


Rebecca Dobson

Director of People & Talent, Orchard Care Homes


Less time on paperwork. More time for care.


Empower your staff easily and securely to get admin done.